10th July 2015

How Sex Changes for Men After 50 It’s not the same as it used to be — and that can be a good thing. by Michael Castleman, October 12, 2010 | Comments: 0

Men worry about erectile dysfunction after radical prostatectomy, the operation that involves removing the prostate gland as a way to treat prostate cancer. It’s a

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After chatting with sexologists and pouring over the latest, hottest research, we found these eight ways to take your orgasm to the next level.

May 29, 2012 · When men in steady relationships contemplate their sexual woes, erectile dysfunction (ED) is usually at the top of the list. That’s understandable, since

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For many women, the correlation between sex and snoring is one of those annoying facts of life.

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Any man can become “multi-orgasmic”. It only requires a basic understanding of male sexuality and certain techniques. Most men’s sexuality is focused on the

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It’s called post-orgasm illness syndrome, and it’s a constellation of symptoms that have been reported in men after ejaculation, including severe fatigue, intense

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Sex Drive: How Do Men and Women Compare? Experts say men score higher in libido, while women’s sex drive is more “fluid.”

So what does a male orgasm feel like? Do orgasms differ drastically between the sexes? Here’s the lowdown from guys.

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