12th July 2013

CQ Amateur Radio is the world’s leading independent ham radio magazine, with an emphasis on operating, DXing, contesting, propagation, public service, mobiling and

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DX Zone is a portal dedicated to ham radio (amateur radio) with a human edited links directory dedicated to long-distance and two-way radio communictations

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Sexism in Amateur Radio Be aware of your unconscious biases. KD2GTM. New FT8 digital mode from K1JT This is an incredibly fast mode but not as sensitive as JT65/JT9

Recently, the South Plainfield Amateur Radio Club sent a press release to our two local town newspapers, to let them know how we did on Field Day.

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Includes club events and exam schedules, technician license classes, repeater and membership information. Located in West Babylon.

Elk Grove Florin Amateur Radio Club Become familiar with our site development group that are accountable for several other useful blogs and the Make Your Personal

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Amateur radio, also known as ham radio, is a hobby enjoyed by several hundred thousand people in the United States and by over a million people worldwide.

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Questions? Contact K1IW’s Jetstream JTB4 with a part of an Alpha-Delta DX-B in foreground

Features a large collection of links covering ham radio and DX topics.

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This website is hosted and maintained by the Verde Valley Amateur Radio Association (VVARA). This website provides information and links relating to amateur radio


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